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A ladies night out is the perfect time to have fun, let loose and create lasting memories that you and your friends will love to look back on. There are a lot of things you can enjoy on your night out, but if you’re stumped for ideas on what to do for your ladies night out—whether it’s a birthday party, bachelorette/hen’s night or simply a celebration of your friendship—then take a look at the following 7 things to do for a memorable ladies night out that no one will soon forget.

Hit the shops

Put on your best pair of walking heels, grab your credit card and hit the streets to do some shopping! Shopping with the ladies is a great way to bond and have fun while buying some great new pieces for your wardrobe.

Spice things up at a male strip show

If you want to make truly unforgettable memories, spice up your ladies night with a visit to a male strip show! If you want something above the standard experience—which is still fun and exciting—opt for packages that include extras like dinner, included drinks, and special VIP seating that will give you the best view of the show.

Dance the night away at a club

If you and your friends love to dance, there are few better options than the club! Wear comfortable dancing shoes, grab some cash for drinks, and dance the night away at one or more of your favorite club spots.

Reserve a spot at a great restaurant

If you want dinner to be truly special on a ladies night out, make sure you reserve a spot at a great restaurant so you don’t end up having to grab fast food on the way home. Make sure you have your total group number finalized ahead of time to avoid embarrassing mishaps!

Get your makeup and hair done

Everyone wants to look great at a ladies night, so why not opt for a group makeup and hair session that will have everyone feeling fancy and confident before you head out? You can save money when booking in groups, too, which makes it an affordable and fun option for ladies night.

Nab a spot at your favorite bar

If your ladies night will include drinking, make sure you nap a spot at your favorite bar so you can enjoy some great drinks, listen to music, and catch up on each other’s lives. Just remember to drink responsibly and always make sure everyone from the group has a safe ride home!

All of the above

If you want your ladies night to be truly unforgettable, don’t discount the fact that you can do all—or at least more than one—of the above! You can always have your makeup done before heading to a favorite restaurant and then topping off the night with drinks and finger food at a male strip show—or hit the shops, hit a bar, and dance the rest of the night away at a club. It’s up to you!

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